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Did the 1966 World Cup change England?

England's victory in the 1966 World Cup is now a part of the national legend but the tournament had a lasting impact on the country itself.

Tipton's only VC winner honoured with memorial stone

A World War One soldier is honoured 100 years after he "demonstrated immense courage and bravery".

Prayers held after girl dies falling from flat window in Birmingham

People gather to say prayers for an 18-month-old girl who died after falling from the window of a tower block.

Perry Beeches Academy Trust: Critical EFA report delayed

A flagship academy trust had "special" treatment when a watchdog delayed a critical report, the BBC learns.

Armed police called to 80 incidents of replica firearms carried in public

Armed police in the West Midlands have in recent weeks been called to 80 cases of replica firearms being mistaken by the public for the real thing.

Reindeer delivery at Dudley Zoo in height of summer

A zoo has enjoyed a little bit of Christmas on the hottest day of the year.

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